Конспекти нестандартних уроків позакласного читання за казкою “The elves and the shoemaker”
Тема: Урок позакласного читання (за казкою "The Elves and the Shoemaker”).

Навчальна мета: формування навичок фонематичного слуху, активізація лексики в мовних структурах, розвиток діалогічного і ситуативного мовлення.

Розвиваюча мета: розвивати в учнів вміння логічно висловлювати свої думки.

Виховна мета: прививати учням почуття любові до ближнього.

Обладнання: магнітофон, роздатковий матеріал.

Хід уроку

І. Виконання фонетичних вправ.

Робота з магнітофоном.



















II. Translate the following phrases:

he grew poorer and poorer;

fine and neatly made;

set to work at once;

since tonight is Christmas Eve;

with merry laughs.

III. Complete the following sentences:

Just before he went to bed …

They were puzzled and could not imagine …

With this money …

And the next morning …

Perhaps we shall find out …

Then they danced and …

IV. Arrange the following words in pairs of opposites:

poor, morning, careless, low, disappear, buy, rich, in front of, evening, neat, high, sell, appear, behind.

V. Find synonyms to the verb "surprised”.

VI. Form sentences using the example

as quick as a flash.

e.g. The elves disappeared as quick as a flash.

as happy as a lark

as hungry as a bear

as wize as an owl

as busy as a bee

as slow as a tortoise.

VII. I’d like you to pay attention to such sentences and expressions:

Whatever the shoemaker cut out …

When Christmas time was near …

What was their surprise to see …

We should do something for them in return.

1. Translate the expressions.

2. Complete them.

3. Match the following expressions to the previous ones, paying attention to the intonation:

You ‘don’t æ say so!

I æ think ä so.

Are you äsure?

ä Really?

Робота в парах націлена на вивчення виразів на уроці.

VIII. Ситуативне мовлення.

Peter, you are a teacher today. I’d like you to check if your pupils have under-stood the tale. Ask them questions on the tale they have read.

IX. The tale is written in indirect speech.

Will you dramatize it?

You, Peter, are a shoemaker. Ivanka is your wife. You got up early in the morning and saw a pair of shoes – all finished.

Show your surprise.

You, Taras, are a shoemaker. Olia is your wife. When Christmas time was near, your wife. When Christmas time was near, you decided to make presents for the elves. Discuss what presents you are going to give.

You, Mariana and Irene, are little elves. You are stitching and rapping and tapping and talking.

X. What is the end of the tale?

If you were rich, what would you do?

Make up sentences using the example:

If I were rich I’d …

XI. Home assignment:

Make up a plan to the tale in the form of questions. Be ready to discuss it!

Тема: Урок позакласного читання (за казкою "The Elves and the Shoemaker”) (продовження)

Навчальна мета: активізація лексики в мовних структурах, формування навичок монологічного мовлення, розвиток ситуативного мовлення.

Розвиваюча мета: розвивати в учнів вміння виділити головне при складанні плану прочитаного.

Виховна мета: виховати в учнів вміння творити добро.

Обладнання: магнітофон, малюнок, плакат-прислів’я.

Хід уроку

І. Виконання лексичних завдань

Find words in the text which correspond to the following definitions:

a place to make shoes on it;

material used for making shoes;

to make clothing by stitching;

a person who buys things;

done at once;

feeling pleasure, satisfaction;

12 o’clock at night;

stock of clothes.

II. Робота з роздатковим матеріалом (зразок додається)

Pay attention to exercise II.

Guess the meaning of the unknown vocabulary. In the sentences below the word in a quotation mark is a nonsense word that does not exit in English. Look at the sentence carefully and try to guess its meaning. Match each word with another nonsense word that has the same meaning.

Here are the real English words. Match them to the above meanings

kind = glaimy, storrup

curtain = tragoon, zooly

imagine = mag, huckle

tiny = histit, flum.

III. Складання плану казки на основі Д/з.

Переказ казки за планом.

IV. Look at the picture on the blackboard. Make up your own tales.

Whose tale is the best?

Let’s try to translate it in English.

What song did they sing do you think?

Imagine that you are sailing over the sea singing with the elves.

Робота з магнітофоном.

Listen and sing.

When I was one, I had some fun,

On the day I went to sea.

I jumped on board a magic boat

And the captain said to me,


"We’re going this way, that way,

Forwards, backwards,

Over the deep blue sea,

Upwards, downwards,

Around and around,

And that’s the life for me!”

When I was two, I had one shoe,

On the day I went to sea.

I jumped on board a magic boat

And the captain said to me,


When I was three, I had some tea,

On the day I went to sea,

I jumped on board a magic boat

And the captain said to me,


When I was four I had some more,

On the day I went to sea,

I jumped on board a magic boat

And the captain said to me,


When I was five, I learned to drive,

On the day I went to sea.

I jumped on board a magic boat

And the captain said to me,


V. Робота над прислів’ям

When things are at the worst

they will mend.

What is the Ukrainian proverb to it?

VI. Home assignment

Learn the proverb. Make up your own situation to it. Good luck!
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